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Sleek Makeup has been one of those brands that I love everything I try from, no exception for their eyeshadow palettes! At 7,99£ each you can't go wrong when the pigmentation and variety of shades is beyond its price. The latest addition to the i-Divine collection has the name of Enchanted Forest and by the names of the shadows we know its been inspired by fantasy stories we all know well!
As Autumn is on its full this year I got inspired to use the beautiful greens on the palette paired with this unique purple and the result is here! If you're curious on how to get this look keep on reading!

To start the look I applied Glass Slipper all over the lid up to the brow bone to set my eyeshadow base giving me a blank canvas to work on. As for a transitional shade I grabbed my Tartelette palette and Wanderer made its place to my crease. With the base on I started with some greens on the crease blending for at least 3 minutes to get no sharp lines - Happily Ever After & Daphne where the queens of the show! All over the lid I have Anastasia and on my inner corners lay Fairy Godmother! The under lash line mimics the top and for my waterline I used my trusted Rimmel Scandaleyes Pencil in Nude! Eyeliner wise I opted for my Urban Decay 24/7 in Siren to keep the Fantasy theme and not give it the so usual black wing! Miss Manga mascara is on my lashes making the overall look putted together!

Here's how the palette looks like, 4 matte shades and 8 shimmery that will make your Fall shine! Let me just say in a side note, the shades I used in this look do have fall out, to me is no big deal I don't mind re-doing concealer or doing face after eye, but if you do consider.

I feel the need to say this is not a sponsored post! I bought it myself and genuinely think it is amazing as it suits my personal taste in shades and has good quality for the price. 

What's your favourite Sleek Palette?

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