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If you've been here for a good time you already know I love calligraphy and since I'm more into typography each day I decided to show a little bit of what I have! 
My ink collection started in late 2010 when I got into my Art course and since then it has been growing, quite a lot I must say!
I use ink to draw and paint, not only to write, that's the main reason I have so many colours. I love trying new brands and comparing the quality so here's what I have in my art box! 

My most recent additions are from Winsor & Newton for the unusual colours they offer such as Gold, Silver and Deep Red! I also grabbed a Sunshine Yellow as I didn't own one previously.
What can I say about inks? The quality of these is superb, the gold and silver are a bit tricky as I have to shake them very very well to get the pigment right, no wonder they're not usual to find in most brands. Apart from that they all have great pigmentation, as an ink can have and dry fairly quickly on the paper, a thing I noticed is they stain the paper as well if it's not 200g or more. Price wise they're not the cheapest on the market but still not that expensive! At 3,65£ I sure will grab a few more colours to try. Next one on my list is their Nut Brown as I don't have anything like that! 

Pelikan was my very first ink and that's the reason why I have 7 bottles. I've used so many blacks that I can't count so I still have 3 in my collection just in case! The shade variety is not as wide as the W&N ones but still they make good starter inks! I got this in a local shop in Portugal for maybe 3€ each if that much and the colours I have vary from Black to Sepia, Colbat Blue, Deep Green and Vermillion. 
These dry very very quickly but I find the coloured ones take some time to layer the colour as they have more 'water' to them. Even thou these take a huge part on my calligraphy sessions and serve me well.

Last but not least I have a white from Rotring Isograph Drawing Ink (7,25£) and a Koh-I-Noor purple that I got in a local shop in Porto! Both have great pigmentation but I find the white one trickier to work with, I'm almost sure it happens because the main job of this white ink is to be done in a pen not with a brush! Still I struggled to find a white at the time and I was needing one!

Overall my ink collection keeps growing being Winsor & Newton my new favourite brand for their quality, variety and prices! 

Do you have any ink at home? Tell me all about your favourites!

Thanks for reading,

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