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Long time no paint, my brain would say, my hands would miss the brush but my body would stay still. It was long ago the time I drew something from start to finish and as stupid as it sounds, I missed it. I used to pain every day during 3 years, then it started being once a week, once a month to nothing at all. Here I am. I still packed all my favourite watercolours, all my favourite paint brushes and papers but they've been sitting in a drawer for the past months. 
I am a very messy person, you can see by the shot above! I like having everything out so I can reach for what I need instantly and find some colour combinations I wouldn't think of at first! The hexagonal bowl served me well here to pour in my now green water and the lids of the eyeshadows from Kiko are great bases for watercolour paints. I work with what I have in hand and is what makes my paints a mess of shapes and colours! A representation of who I am, in a way!

Autumnal Spirit
To celebrate Autumn I went for some leaves, acorns and pumpkins in all sort of oranges and greens! 

This one is quite not finished as I need to brush the masking liquid to enhance some highlights in the seahorse but still on the paint side is pretty much it, I'm not one to go back to my paints I like to start and finish in one day if possible. I love seahorses in general there's no specific reason for me to draw it unless for the pop of blues I wanted to pair!

As the time goes by I hope to improve my skills and make more of an effort to do what I love that doesn't involve my laptop or makeup! 

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