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Here comes the Fall -uhuh!! As a dark lip lover I couldn't wait more for its time to come, even if I wear plum lips all year long! 
Summer is over and I am struggling to find a good coat for a new winter but apart from all that Halloween is near (who else loves halloween decorations?) and everyone is starting to pull out some vampy shades! To celebrate this new season I decided to bring you a Fall Lip Wardrobe featuring all kinds of vampy shades that I sure love!

Maybelline Color Drama 310 Berry Much | Revlom Super Lustrous Lipstick 477 Black Cherry | Topshop Lips Beguiled | Kiko Unlimited Stylo 12  Burgundy | Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick 120 Cutting Edge | Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream 431 Fandango Purple | Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm 215 Shameless | Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 663 Va Va Violet
With a ever so growing collection of fall lipsticks I sure have some more by this time if you wonder, which will be featured in future posts, but for now here is what I expect to wear during this fall!

Top 3 favourites go to Kiko Unlimited Stylo 12, Maybelline Color Drama 310 and Revlon Colorburst 215, being them all matte and long lasting, easy to apply and maintain throughout the day, even thou they last amazingly well on the first application. 
If you're more about the reds I highly suggest trying the Topshop Beguiled one as it is a very deep and beautiful red with a satin finish. The only thing I don't enjoy much about this lipstick is how time consuming it is. I find it very slippery and need to use a lip liner and lip brush with it even after that it can get messy if not careful. It transfers a lot and requires high maintenance which puts me off wearing it more often! Apart from that the colour is beautiful and it feels comfortable on the lips.
A close dupe in colour to my favourite Kiko 12 is the Rimmel Lasting Finish in 120 Cutting Edge as you can see by the swatches they look identical! In real life the Rimmel one is a tiny bit darker and formula is not comparable in some points! It is highly fragranced so sniff it before buying it if you're sensitive to scents. Rimmel 120 has a satin finish whereas the Kiko one is matte, even thou they both look amazing on the lips! 
I seem to get alike shades all the time and by any means I do it on purpose! The Maybelline Color Drama in 310 comes close to the Revlon Super Lustrous in 477, in photo! If you swatch them together in real life you'll notice the Maybelline one has more purple undertones and is a matte finish while the Revlon has more red to it and is a satin finish! It is a matter of preference in this case but I love both! 
Recently I did a post on matte lipsticks where I talk about the Sleek Fandango Purple and the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms so take a look here if you want to hear more about those! 
Lastly I have the 2 darkest shades of my collection, that I intend to expand, being them Revlon Colorburst in 215 Shameless and Revlon Super Lustrous in 663 Va Va Violet, both from the same family these two purples differ a lot from each other whether it is in finish as the first is a matte and the second a satin, but also in longevity and undertones. Shameless is way more purpl-y pink than Va Va Violet that has more of an aubergine tone to it. I would love this one more if it was matte as the colour takes a bit of time to build up on the lips but still gives a beautiful shade of purple vampy lips for this fall! 

Now that you took a look into my Fall Lip Wardrobe share with me all your favourite Fall shades! 

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