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For a makeup junkie most of the times I stick my madness to the drugstore reason 1) I just started working a few months ago prior to that the only money I had were from Birthday and Christmas gifts 2) luxury makeup is super expensive and I definitely need to keep money for other things in life.
Apart from all reasons I still manage to have a quite decent amount of high end makeup and that's why I'm about to share with you today.

On the face department I have a foundation from Lancome that I grabbed at 60% off a year ago and have a full review on here. On a trip to Sephora I grabbed their Bronzing Powder priced 15€ and is a well loved product as I just did a shopping my stash post where I rediscovered it. Lastly my most recent addition is the Mary-Lou Manizer (~17£) by The Balm also with a full review on here.
Eyshadow is my favourite thing but surprisingly I only managed to get my hands on the Tartelette by Tarte (~50€) a few months ago, you can read my opinion on this beautiful palette in here. Eyeliner wise I won a Portuguese contest on the Benefit Facebook giving me the chance to try the new They're Real Push Up Liner* (~18£ full size) and not being a huge fan you can still have a look on my full thoughts on this product here. Alongside Mary-Lou the Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liner in Siren is the newest to my high end wardrobe being a strong favourite at the price of ~15£ I managed to pick it up for only 9£ in a sale. You can see me wearing it on this post!
Last but never least is my lip trio containing a favourite, a dare and a disappointing product! So for a favourite we have Guerlain lipstick in 13 Giny (~40€) the most expensive of them all but worth every cent. I picked it in a sale for half price with a gift card my mom gave me for christmas 2 years ago. The perfect everyday shade, finish, longevity and the most amazing packaging for a lipstick, you can see swatches and a full of excitement post I did back in early 2014 about it here. The dare is also a gift from my mom and she picked a hot glossy pink from Collistar a new brand to my collection - shade 13 Dalia (~20€). Definitely not something I would pick myself but have been enjoying much alongside the Sephora Bronzer. So as you can see here comes the disappointing product and has to be my one and only MAC lipstick in Myth. It's not bad but didn't live up to my expectations and for the price of 18€ and all the rave out there I was expecting lots from it. It's patchy, drying and the colour doesn't suit me at all (that being my fault) but overall I rarely use it and when I do it has to have some lipliner underneath to make things more acceptable. A complete fail and something that putted me off buying other lipsticks from MAC. 

Which High End products you recommend me trying next? 

Some prices are listed in € due to purchase in Portugal.
Thanks for reading,

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