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Looks like the Micellar world is transforming itself from water to gel like formulas and being the curious girl I am I couldn't pass without trying this product!
L'oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Gel is an eye makeup remover which claims to be gentle, soothing and refreshing on the skin. For what I've tried so far I can say it leaves to all the expectations here apart from being a bit weird at first! I like a good micellar water, I've tried Bioderma, Garnier, Simple and can say they all work well at removing most of the makeup from my face, even thou none removes it entirely. On the eye area I avoid Micellar Water as I find they don't take the eye makeup off completely and leave my eye skin a bit dry to be honest! It is for me the first time I try a gel like eye makeup remover and being it weird as it is it became a staple! It is one of the most gentle products I've ever tried and does its job properly! Waterproof mascara may be the only thing it takes longer to remove so in that case I go for my trusted Kiko duo phase makeup remover. Apart from that waterproof situation, it works amazing with any other product! Eyeshadow goes all in one cotton pad and eyeliner two the most, depending on how much you have on! It leaves the eye area hydrated with no oily film and doesn't irritate the skin. Packaging wise the plastic bottle is very handy and good for travel the only thing is when squeezed the product tends to be all over the lid so I advise you to be careful when taking it out to a cotton pad! 
Overall I've been enjoying this product and use it on a daily basis to remove my makeup, it for sure works better than a Micellar Water in this specific area. It comes for ~4£ which is not bad considering how long it will last and how well it works! I've been using this quite a lot and still have 95% of the product left!! Worth giving it a try if you're on a hunt for a new eye makeup remover!

Have you tried any Micellar Gel before?

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