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When I first got into makeup I did a few mistakes that some of you can probably relate to! More than an 'advice' post to the younger makeup lovers out there this is a reminder of how 'cool' I thought I was and have a laugh at those days!

Frame The Face
I wear makeup for at least 7 years but only got into the brow game 4 years ago which means the 3 years before I didn't even realised how bad my makeup looked for not having the framing good. I lack a few brow hairs so I definitely need that little huge help thankfully I'm now aware of that but poor me on those days!

Bold Eyes Bare Face
The times I wore a super elaborated eye makeup loads of bright eyeshadows and eyeliner on point but nothing on my face! Not even a tinted moisturiser! Yes that happened. How sad! Definitely the game changer for me was on Catrice tinted moisturiser that came out 5 years ago and was used and abused. Since then I never wore a bold eye without evening out the redness on my face! I looked like tomato with bright eye balls!

Concealed Lips
We've all been there. Admit it. That super nude lip look I used to love is now a don't on my makeup routine. Definitely not flattering making the overall face look bad even if the eyeliner flick was on point! My research for the 'perfect' nude lip is on!

Ghost Face
White powder and multiple layers. The only question is why? Did I ever feel like that was good looking? I can't understand how the brain works but no more loose 'translucent' powder takes space in my collection. I had a bit of a drama with it previously! Now a light layer is more than enough for the day as a good primer makes all the difference!

Take It Out
The makeup. How many of us went to bed with makeup on? And how many times? Quite a few. No wonder I had bad acne! A good skincare routine is way more important than expensive makeup so everyone should definitely invest on that department first! I had to take medication to reduce my acne and got into a skincare routine. It's been changing over the years but still takes a huge part in my makeup routine as it gives me a better canvas to work on!

It's your turn! Tell me all about your makeup mistakes on the early years of wearing it!

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