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Catrice Camouflage Cream Catrice All Round Cover

Since early teens I struggle with acne, till some point in life I had no idea concealer was everything I needed to cover that. For the first years I tried to forget the pimples were there but when you're 14 you can't really help it but feel not so good looking. At this stage I went to dermatologist and got on skincare routines and pills to clear all out.
While those days are gone I still get some pimples here and there and if I can't face the day with those on my face I cover them!
My concealer collection has been growing for the past months as I finally seem to find something attractive in them, if you know what I mean. When you can't decide what to get you end up with both so this was the case. 

Catrice All Round CoverStick is a medium to high coverage concealer in stick form, surprisingly creamy and easy to blend, something I found hard in stick concealers in the past. I own the lightest shade that is a good match for my skin tone and usually apply it around my nose, pimples or even under eyes to cancel any circles as it blends really nicely! Lasting power is not fabulous but you know, it gets through the day and that's what I need most of the time. It sets in fine lines if we build it but with 1 layer it works pretty well.
As for its brother, Camouflage Cream is as the name suggests a camouflaging tool that will give you confidence when hitting the road! By this I mean, it's going to cover the blemishes you have. If you suffer from very red spots I suggest using a green concealer to cancel out the redness but if they're just normal red you should be fine with this one alone. Extreme high coverage, creamier than the Coverstick but still easy to blend this bad boy covers me every time I need it! No exceptions. It is lighter in colour than my skin tone, forgot to match it in store (silly me) but still works pretty well if blended carefully! It's less hygienic than the stick one as you put your fingers directly in it being essential to disinfect it often with a spray of alcohol. It sure gets into fine lines if not set in place with a good powder so be aware of that if you're gonna use it for all day! 

As you can see from the swatch they're both similar being the camouflage one a tiny bit more creamier and with better coverage. Apart from all the differences, that are not many, I see me using them both for different purposes at this time, but if you just want one concealer it's clearly up to your needs and preferences. 

Tell me all about your favourite concealer!

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