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Let's be extra honest today and say I'm lazy when it takes to my skincare routine. Not that I use makeup remover wipes everyday but the micellar water does the job most of the time. 
In an attempt to be more friendly to my skin I've been picking some things here and there to try and fit them into my routine. Lately I've discovered Nivea Daily Essentials skincare range, not that I was not aware of it but never gave two minutes of my life to care about it. 
Boots with its great offers were giving something like 50% off or so in some Nivea products and why not give them a shot as they were that cheap!

Starting off with the Refreshing Cleansing Mousse (4,99£) I can say it changed the way I take my makeup off. It comes in a foamy texture straight out of the pump and two will make my entire face. It removes most of the makeup pretty easily, leaving skin soft and not dry at all. This particular one is for normal to combination skin which is what I have and I can say it did not break me out nor gave any kind of bad reaction. It's comfortable on the skin and pretty fun if I'm being honest! It requires to be removed with water but it takes 2 minutes to get a fresh sensation and a clean face. After using ANY cleanser no matter which one is, I follow with micellar water as I know it will always have something there to take off! I do not use this on my eyes and I don't think it is even suited for that but face and neck are very happy with the results!

Scrub wise I've reviewed not long ago the Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub with a positive but not impressive performance so I surely gave this Nivea one a go. First things first, the Gentle Exfoliating Scrub (3,99£) is not gentle at all, you feel it more than the Neutrogena one. By this I mean the beads are bigger coming in white and blue colour, feeling like sugar in my skin and if not careful they may be harmful rather than helpful. Even thou, it scrubs it off quite nicely if not putting much pressure to the skin, and once a week makes all the difference. It leaves my skin a bit red but doesn't dry it out so the final result is a very soft skin without any dry patches. Paired with the Cleansing Mousse gives my skin that extra hint I need so once or twice a week I pull this two together and make them part of my skincare habits.

Both products contain "Vitamin E & Hydra IQ" which helps balancing the natural oils in the skin! For the price Nivea Daily Essentials has very great products that will suit mostly non sensitive skin types and help the combination skins out there! If you're not too picky or are on a budget I suggest trying these, mostly the Cleansing Mousse, as the scrub may somehow react to the more sensitive ones! 

Have you tried Nivea Daily Essentials range?

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