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Real Techniques needs no presentations so let's focus on the matter. A brush collection from the brand. Since I've moved to the UK it has been easier to get my hands on the brand products as they don't sell in stores in Portugal just online, and the prices are a bit out of mind. Since I'm here for a good time now I decided to finally grab some of the brushes I've been wanting to try for ages! 

Expert Face Brush (9,99£)
The one and only, this was my very first brush from the brand and I got it in Portugal through a website and I've been using for at least 3 years now and loving it! It gives a very natural finish and applies foundation easily, is very dense but easy to get into all my face areas even the most difficult ones! It requires patience and work depending on the base you're using it with as sometimes it can leave some brush marks on the skin. It takes a bit of time to clean it properly but for my experience it happens with all brushes that I use to apply foundation! 

Blush Brush (9,99£)
The one I wanted to try for ages and finally got! I now know why it is so loved among the beauty community! It applies blush like a dream, is super soft, gets to the point on my face where I want to apply blush and does it effortlessly! One thing I really love is how it doesn't grab a huge amount of pigment, just the necessary to give a natural finish! I've been using non stop since I got it and can't find one to replace it!

Powder Brush (12,99£)
I love fluffy big powder brushes and as I only had one by Essence (that has served me well and still is one of my favourites) I decided it was time to expand my collection and give this one a go. It is fluffy and I feel like it leaves a very thin layer of powder, enough to set my makeup without making me look a powdery ghost. Natural looking finish is what I get when using this brush!

Sculpting Set Brush(es) (20,99£)

Sculpting Brush (9,99£)
Oh my! This is the perfect brush to apply contour on the perfect place. I've been using and abusing of this one. Before I used to grab an ELF Tapered brush and that was very good at contouring my face but the density of this one kills it! Be careful as it can grab way too much product so a light hand is necessary in here but still I love how this one applies the product to my skin and makes it look natural and not a harsh grey line.

Fan Brush (exclusive to the set)
I've been hunting a fan brush for far too long and I'm glad it came in this set! Applies highlight like a dream, very soft bristles and super flat shape it will give the most natural glow you can imagine. It doesn't grab too much product which means you can layer things up to your preference without ending like a disco ball! 

Setting Brush (7,99£)
As the name suggests this brush is very good at setting product BUT I also find it very functional on the highlight department. In fact it can be good for a more precise contour/highlight. It gets into the under eye area very effortlessly and distributes a thin layer of powder over the concealer without moving it. 

Overall I've been loving Real Techniques brushes and can't wait to try some more. The hypes were right and if you don't own any of these you sure need to! They all have an ergonomic shape helping at the appliance and once washed they'll get to their natural cut with no bristles all over the place. Great quality for the affordable price and wait, did I mention Boots and Superdrug do deals on them every once in a while? I got the last 3 in a 3 for 2 offer at Superdrug! 

Tell me all about your favourite RT brushes!

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