Mini Lips Haul - Basic & Rimmel


Heyy lovelies, i hope you're having a wonderful day so far :)

This week i went to a store called Schlecker i guess it's a germany company, and they sell beauty products and that kind..
They also sell makeup and the brands are Basic, Essence, Rimmel London, Astor and Maybeline.

I find that the Rimmel products are cheaper in this store so if i want something from Rimmel i go there..

This time i bought 2 lipsticks or should i say 1 lipstick and 1 matt lip gloss

Basic Matt Lip Gloss - matt salmon - 1.99€
Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick - 120 Cutting Edge - 7.50 €

(here's the swatches on my hand) 

They have a huge difference in the price but also in quality
The texture is also very different the basic one is smother and easier to apply but it fades quickly trough the day 
The Rimmel is a bit hard to apply in my opinion but as it says it's a long lasting lipstick so it lasts a good ammount of time on the lips

Here's the matt lip gloss and how it looks on the lips
(i'm so sorry but my camera didn't want to get a good photo of this)
it's a deep red although it shows bright here 

The rimmel lipstick shows a bit lighter on this photo, it's actually darker 

Here's another bad photo but i guess you guet the point
I really need to get a new camera and a good one this time 
It's an aubergine colour if this makes any sense
 ir really like it

I never had a Rimmel lipstick before but i'm liking this one so maybe i'll enlarge my rimmel collection in this section..

Do you have any of these lipsticks in your collection? if so tell me which ones and recomend me some other brands please :)

Thanks for reading


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