The Secret Bag #1 - February


Hey Beauties,
Some time ago i told you on twitter and facebook (click the name to follow) that i did a subscription of a beauty box, my first one actually..

In Portugal it's pretty new this things of boxes subscriptions and i was intrigued by this one, seemed to have the greatest offers comparing to others and the price was kinda fair..

The products come in this red organza bag and have a tag with some pretty draws and the name of the bag.
This bag is a monthly bag and usually comes with makeup and skincare products.
It's value is 15€ plus 3€ of shipping so the entire bag costs 18€. It's known for sending at least one full product each bag but it usually comes with more. So i think it worths every cent!

The products come wrapped in a black satin paper, and it also comes a letter with the products names and price and all that information.
I really like the packaging, find it glamorous and different. it's not just a box with products.. it's a bag well putted together and my favorite colours.. so it really catches my attention.

This bag brought me 4 products - 3 full sizes and 1 sample:

1 pair of Eldora Lashes in H153 - 5,95€

Beauty Uk Primer fx - 7,95€

Super Facialist Neroli Firming Illuminate Eye Cream - 18€

Être belle Energy A (sample) - 51 € (for a full size)

As you can see the bag worths + 30  € .. so i guess i got a really good ammount of products that will make part of my routine and hopefully become favorites soon .

I find this bags/boxes really cool, they give us the opportunity to try products that we would maybe not be able to or not interested in at a first sight.

I'm now testing the products and some reviews will come with the time, i'm glad for what i got and honestly if my purse allows me i'll make another subscription soon..

What do you think about beauty boxes?!

Thank you so much for reading!

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