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Good evening darlings,

Some time ago i was thinking about the posts i make and the series i've created in the past and some more came to my mind.. One of them was to share with you movies that i really enjoyed watching and receive some feedback about the movies you enjoy watching ;)

This is not going to be a series that have a schedule i'll post about this everytime i feel like it, and it's the better way to do a great quality post.

So to beggin i'm going to share with you my Favourite movie ever :

Tim Burton masterpiece 
 Yes.. he's my favorite director so don't judge me..

1988 -considered Fantasy Film
92 minutes
United States  

Onto the movie story:

So there's a couple a goth girl and a dead guy .. the others are just secondary characters (like the parents and family friends of the goth girl)
It beggins with a death and ends with a skeleton dance.. not like that but almost..
The story takes place in a house and all arises around the house and the family that lives there.. or should i say the 2 families that live there... shhhhhhh.....

I don't want to tell the whole story so you have to watch it ;)

Anyway, it's a dark comedy, fantasy and kind of romantic story.. it's really fun and all the special effects created at that time are amazing.. I think everything is amazing not only the story itself but also the way they created the scenario and all those different things.
I watched this movie a hundred times... i can still have the same feeling about it.. i love it .. I recomend it to those who love dark movies (which i'm sure those of the kind already heard about it) and i recomend to all the people who likes a good comedy ..

Please give it a go.. it's wonderful the way things worked out , how the scenarios and the little things are perfectly put together..

Watch it and please tell me what do you think about it ;)

Which movie is your favorite? xx

thanks for reading,

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