Products I've Used Up #2 - Hair


Hey beauties, as promised here's the second part of my empties post!


Oriflame Hair x winter care  -~5€
Syoss Max Hold Hairspray - ~5€
Syoss Heat Protect - ~6€

Oriflame Hair x winter care is a product meant to protect and be anti-static, for all hair types.
I have this product for 2 or 3 years i'm not a fan.. as you can see for the time it took me to finish it.
It wets the hair and makes it all shiny, not my cup of tea.
It smells fresh.

Repurchase - No

Syoss Max Hold Hairspray... this is my holy grail hairspray i don't use any other one .. and if i have to use another i regret it every second. this is the perfect hair spray, it holds my hair in place, it doesn't glues the hair, it lasts all day long and the smell is not disgusting at all its quite nice .
If i told you how many of these i went through you wouldn't believe me.. maybe 30.. in 2/3 years it's almost one per month.. and i assure you it lasts at least 1 and half month using it everyday.
I love it and i can't say enough good things about it.. even my mother converted to this hairspray and traded her beloved Pantene pro-v ...

The price is affordable for the amazing quality of this product! 

Repurchase - Yes! Until i can't find it anymore! 

Syoss Heat Protect spray is as the name says a heat protecting product.. the first one i tried, i chosed this brand you know why.. for the lovely cousin hairspray but i got disappointed..
It's not that it's a bad product it just don't fits in my expectations.
It's a bit sticky and glues my hair i don't like the feeling, it took me some time to get rid of it completely.. 

Repurchase - No              

Don't forget to check out my 3rd and last post on my empties :) 

Thanks for reading, 

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