What's in my bag ?!!


Hey hey hey my dear friends,
I was at blogloving , as i am most of the time i spent on internet, and found some bloggers doing this post and since i like to read it i decided to make it too :)

What's in my bag?! well...

My bag is from H&M and cost me 20€ 

I always have 4 essentials in my bag : my cellphone, my keys, my wallet and kleenex

The other not so essential but also being essentials are:

My agenda and my mechanical pencil which are must haves so i can write my ideas for blog posts and some events i have to go 
A bottle of water is always needed to keep my body hydrated through the day, i always end up buying another at school ... i'm such a water needed person

I love gums so i always have some in my bag or my pocket my favorite are Trident brand with strawberry or watermelon flavour

Elastics elastics elastics... those bastards always missing when we need them... i always carry one on my bag in case i lost the others i use in my wrist

Chapsticks .. those little helpers in this time of the year, i suffer from flaky lips and it's a must have some lipbalm near me to use everytime i feel my lips dry 

So i guess it's everything .. these are the products i always try to have in my bag and sometimes i add others such as snacks or my tablet...

Tell me which products you always carry in your bag :)

Thanks for Reading, 


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