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Good morning sweethearts!

Recently i went shopping and other things... So i have 2 different categories to show you and 2 different trips to tell you..
I'm going to start with my beauty haul:

I was in need of face masks since i don't use one for the longest time.. i went to claire's and bought 3 .. for my own disappointment when i arrived home i saw that one of them was open and had messed the bag.. went to garbage :( my luck was that i didn't pay for it since there was a sale section where you buy 3 you pay 2.. so not wasted money but not lucky opportunity.. (1.95€ each)

Moving on.. My moisturizer was over one day ago and that was driving my skin crazy, i went to a pharmacy that also sells makeup and of course i had to pick something new.. the Catrice Eyebrow lifter is from their spring collection and i decided to give it a go.. it cost me less than 4€..

The all purpose of this shopping trip was my moisturizer so of course i picked up one.. and it's new in my routine.. Bioderma Sébium Global it's meant for oily and acne prone skin ... perfect to me. it cost me ~15€

Now onto the books...

My school is beside a castle and a church that's not meant for the cult of religion but as a library.. For my own enjoyment i spent there a good amout of time searching on the books they had and i was really happy with my finds...

To start of i saw this book called 'Jack the Ripper' and of course i had to buy it for 3€ i couldn't find better!
Then i was catched by this one called Vampiros in english is 'Vampires The terrible lost diary of Dr Corn-elius Van Helsing' it's about the story of vampires and werewolves, it's an ilustrated and animated book.  Less than 5€. Bargain!!

These were my last shopping finds, i hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you want any review of a specific product please tell me bellow :)

Thanks for reading,

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