Essence I Heart Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara - review


Hey beauties, 

I'm a junkie for mascaras.. i have a lot.. and many different colours, but this one is black and i shall say it was a recomendation by Emily Noel  from emilynoel83 youtube channel.

Some months ago she did a review on this mascara and said it was a really good one for the price so i went on buying it.  
It cost me 3€/4€ i don't know exactly since i have it for the long time now.

I have to agree it's a really good mascara, the wand has this peculiar shape with small bristles and is very precising 

The only down is that it catches a lot of product and i feel like it clumps a bit my eyelashes but it's not a big problem to me.
The formula it's not the best since it's a cheap mascara , it fades through the day and smudges a bit in the lower lashes.

It makes the lashes super long and thick but as you can see it attach them (if this makes any sense) and i prefer seperated eyelashes .

Although i like this mascara for more dramatic looks.

Durability - 8/10
Formula - 7/10
Volume - 9/10
Price - 10/10

I like this mascara, if you're looking for an everyday mascara that can give you a good volume i advise this one and for the price it's a bargain :)

Tell me which volume mascara is your favorite?!

Thanks for reading, 

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