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Here I am again with another haul! May I remind you I'm still on my spending ban and no this was not a weak moment, just a few things I picked up before I started this journey. I also have more coming up but you'll get that later!
Where do I start? Beauty Bay, I've been doing some shopping there for the past months and after loving everything and the fastest shipping ever I went for more Zoeva

If you follow me for that long {you're amazing} I got a Complete Eye Set from them a couple years ago, when they were still 5€ less than what they're now, and I never got anything else ever since.
You know the so famous Cocoa Blend (15,50£) palette? It also came in this particular order I just didn't include it on the picture. so far so good, but not as impressive as everyone else makes it look like. Review on that coming soon! I managed to grab one of their face brushes the 134 Luxe Powder Fusion (9,99£) that I love to apply highlighter with! 
Also from BB I got some more Makeup Geek products, can't get enough!! I picked the Foiled Eyeshadow In The Spot Light (7,95£) that was on top of my wish list ever since it came out  and oh girl it is so good!!! But the reason for all of this haul was the Contour Powders that recently hit UK soil! I picked the Bad Habit Warm Fair (7,95£) that I think suited me better according to Marlena's explanation and it gives a very subtle and natural contour, I'm quite impressed for liking it this much!

Onto Boots now, I got me hot new stuff! Who else thinks the L'oreal Sculpt range is amazing? I totally fell in love with their products! I picked up the ContourPalette Light/Medium (9,99£) that I must say is amazing for the contour shade, but meh on the highlight, which is a bit disappointing considering you're getting a product that personally doesn't show up much on the skin!
Anyway, I also got one of the Infallible Blush Trio in Soft Rosy (7,99£) I couldn't find anything attractive in the other two when in store so I just grabbed this one, I'm still trying it out but so far so good, the pigmentation is on point and the texture of all the products is superb!
More blush comes with Sleek one of their not so new Cream to Powder Blush in Amaryllis (5,99£) and one of the regular in the shade Flushed (4,49£), I prefer Pomegranate over it but still is a very nice shade for winter!
Bourjois has never been a favourite around the house, I don't know why I just don't find much of a good thing in their products but since these new items hit the shelves I was curious to try them out, a review will come up soon on them but I must say I'm very impressed! The City Radiance Foundation retails for 9,99£ and the Radiance Reveal Concealer is 7,99£.
Last but not least I managed to grab the Eyelining Brush Set by Real Techniques on sale for 9,99£! I love detail brushes I'm buying them from Art shops all the time and since RT are also a very good brand for brushes why not give these a shot?!

What have you been picking up lately? 

Thanks for reading,

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