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Oh Blush!! I still remember the days I spent browsing through Debenhams website looking out for you, and you never showed up! 
But then, I met you at Sephora... you were the only one there, it was destiny!

Oh! Here's a mini story of my hunt for this beauty, it was a hard one but I found it... in Portugal! Yes, had to go that far to put my hands on it! It was so worth it, I even had discount for being Sephora member... so I can only say it was meant to be!

Too Faced Love Flush Palette (27£) comes with 6 different blushes and honestly, they're all what you need if you don't have any other options! The packaging is stunning! Very slim cardboard that closes on magnets, it is a bit long to store within my other blushes but standing up against the wall of the drawer you can barely tell it's there from how thin it is!
The light pink shade is cute I have to admit, and all the hearts, makes it hard not to love it already!
But, as I always say, it's not the packaging that I rub into my face, so let's see how good the product actually is!

Here's a snap of the inside, heart shaped beauties... this is the perfect blush palette for me... mostly pinks, which is totally my vibe on the blush side, but also a peach, not too light thou that will be very useful at summer time!
Surprisingly I don't have any let down from this palette, I sure will not be using "How Deep Is Your Love" as much as any other shade but it comes in handy to have such vibrant pink in my collection!
Between the favourites I can say hands down my most used so far is "Baby Love", surprisingly, as I thought I would prefer "Your Love Is King" over any shade... being this my second most used! 
Love Hangover is also one of my favourites within the palette! 

Love Hangover, Baby Love, I Will Always Love You, How Deep Is Your Love, Justify My Love, Your Love Is King
All the shades have a consistent pigmentation, the pay-off is true to the pan and the longevity is also consistent. I must say the darker the shade the longer it is noticeable on the skin, however the light shades perform and last as well, not showing up as much, as you would expect, by the end of the day.
I think the colour choice is cohesive and incorporates the blush shades anyone needs. I honestly find hard not to pick up this palette every time I do my makeup! I have to remember about other shades I also love within my collection and put this aside.

Overall, it is a very good palette and for the price of 27£ you can't go wrong. I hope you can find it somewhere, I would advise you to go to local stores as online seems to be sold out! 
If you're having a hard time finding this one, or simply just love one of the shades, I'm happy to say they're all permanent and are sold separately! You can find them at Debenhams website for 25£ each full size, and they're all cute heart shapes!  

Thanks for reading,

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