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Here's another makeup of the day post this time featuring a super warm eye look with a blue lipstick! I want to make more of these posts but most of the times I look odd on the pictures, I don't think I have a good side haha!
Oh well, I wore this makeup the other day when I was going for some tea and cupcakes with the boy, and I can tell the lipstick held on so well to all the eating and drinking! So impressed! One thing I was not too impressed was the performance of the lid shade, it lost its glow after a while, and even thou you can't really see much of it in here I can tell you, it is a foiled one so the sparkle is real at first!
I was looking after my notes on the look but can't find them anywhere so bare with me! I remember what I used on the eyes, it was all Makeup Geek Eyeshadows and I don't have many so it's quite easy to name them!
On the lid is Flame Thrower, inner corner has In The Spot Light and crease has a mix of Frappe and Cocoa Bear! On the lips I'm wearing the LA Splash Smitten LipTint Mousse in Deadly Nightshade, a very deep blue that lasts the longest time ever! I really enjoy the applicator and how smooth and easy to apply the formula actually is! Definitely recommend those if you're into liquid lipsticks!

I hope you enjoyed this look and more are about to come soon, this time with all the details to the face makeup!

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