My Little Bubble Box | March 2016 |


It is no longer new that I love My Little Box and even thou I'm on a spending ban this was one of the things I decided it was worth a keep! It's a subscription of 11£ plus shipping and since I always love what I get why cancel? Non sense, right?

This months box was very anticipated, I've seen snaps of the bubbles here and there on My Little Box social media platforms but would never guess it right!
Firstly, I love the colour combination and once more the overall design of the box.

Getting a bit deeper into it, the contents of this month's box are very exciting!
What I saw first on the wrapping goodness was the little card with a balloon with the message "Be Wild!" that I particularly love and will keep!
The usual magazine is also amazing and I always like to give it a good read on the evening, it gives tips and tricks not only for things they send but also a whole lot of interesting subjects, and obviously the design steals my heart!
On the beauty side we've got the beautiful Essie Nail Polish in Belugaria, a textured black varnish with glitter in it! Totally in love, a shame I can't wear it too often but for special occasions it'll be my first pick!
For the hair we got the stunning blue brush which has "Be Cooler" printed on the back, it is a good size brush and helps me in the mornings to get ready, it sure was a great addition to the box as I personally didn't own any of this type, not to talk about the colour! Looks gorgeous on top of my vanity!
Makeup, you know this is my favourite bit! I was blown away when I saw a Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara (travel size), it is my very first try on their products and I'm keeping it for the future, it sure looks luxurious and is, as I could read, a new launch! 
Sponges are getting popular everyday in the beauty community and most companies own at least one type that they offer, but hard is to beat the beauty blender that so many people love! I haven't tried The Blending Sponge yet but as soon as I have an opinion on it I'll give you an update! It feels denser than my RT or BB ones but let's see what it does for me!
Lastly, still on the bubble theme we've got Bubble Blush, a lip and cheek stain in a beautiful cool toned pink that I adore! I like the fact it is buildable in intensity and doesn't feel too liquid!

I loved this months box and everything in it adds something to my routine whether it is on a daily basis hair styling or special occasion nail art!

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