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Chocolate, my weakness.. you can see by the bite in that hidden bonbon at the end... oops! 
Oh well, today I have a delicious palette to talk about, it is of course the so famous Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons! I must start by saying it is my very first Too Faced eyeshadow palette and for me, personally, has some hits and misses!
I was kindly gifted this by my boy which makes it extra special but I never leave any kind of affection interfere in my opinion on the products.
Starting with the packaging, it is pink, I'm not a girl of pinks but oh well I can deal with it! It feels sturdy but I must say mine doesn't seem to close properly. It struggles on the magnet area which makes me think it would be a huge problem if I thought of taking it with me somewhere! It has a mirror that is very handy at some points and yes it does smell like chocolate. It's not overly scented but you notice it when you first open the palette! The heart shape pans are to die for, I know, it's probably the major thing why people got so excited about this! 
Now, onto the real thing, as packaging doesn't really count when I'm putting makeup on my face!

To start with the colour selection is a bit all over the place, I understand the theme was love and sweet so pink comes along right but it doesn't makes much sense to me to put pinks, a burgundy and a grey-ish blue together in one palette when the rest is basically neutrals. Doesn't look cohesive and I know many people won't even dare to touch those brighter shades.  
What comes for me as the biggest hit is the top rectangular shade - Satin Sheets - stunning for the lid, inner corner and even if I'm feeling that adventurous for the overall highlight of the face! A big let down is that purple on the corner - Black Currant - what where they thinking? It is so sheer it makes me cry! When you pay 39£ for a palette it better be consistently good! I can even tell you a story, I was trying this palette out creating a look and I wanted that supposedly dark purple on my crease to deepen everything out, guess what? It did nothing but mess up the look as it was too sheer!
The pigmentation overall is good, but I can tell the shimmery shades have better consistency than the matte ones which is normal in most brands. 
My top shades are Satin Sheets (shimmery), Divinity (matte), Cafe au lait (shimmery), Mocha (matte). - pigmentation is on point and shade selection itself very good.
The let downs are Black Currant (shimmery), Almond Truffle (matte), Bordeaux (matte), Cashew Chew (matte). - the overall pigmentation is poor barely showing up on the skin or not coming out with the same shade as in the pan.

It's by any means a bad palette I just could definitely live without it - if I had Satin Sheets in a single pot of course! I'm curious to try the original Chocolate Bar and see how they compare but I'm not too keen on spending 39£ in one more palette if it comes out like this one. 

Have you tried any of the Chocolate Bar palettes? Tell me your thoughts on them!

Thanks for reading,

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