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Even thou Mac is a very popular brand among the beauty community, it never really appealed to me.
That lasted a couple of years and after my first try on their lipticks I stepped away! 
To my very first impression the lipstick was a total miss, on shade, being that my fault, but also on texture and longevity for the price.
A couple months ago I decided to give it another try and get the Paint Pot in Soft Ocre that everyone and their sisters rave about, I regret nothing, but still I'm not completely sold to the brand. 

My collection is growing as I'm trying new products here and there, mostly bought on duty free so I can excuse the price if I don't get along with my choice, so I decided to bring it to you an overall view of it!

The most hyped products on MAC's line must be their lipsticks, and that's one of the reasons why I bought one to try the first time. I choose Myth, a very nude dry matte shade that made me hate MAC to pieces at the time. At 20€ a lipstick it should've come up to the best but even my Catrice options were better at the time, needless to say I now use it over other lipstick shades and never alone as I intend on finishing it!
My second attempt on the lipsticks came with the so beautiful Evening Rendezvous that I reviewed a couple weeks ago here. It is the most stunning shade and the one that made me fall in love with MAC lipsticks!
Last week, on my way to Portugal I stopped by Word Duty Free and got me 2 new lipsticks that I had my eye on for a while - Brave the iconic shade that everyone loves, with a reason! The satin lipstick comes to the perfect shade of everyday nude, something I can totally find somewhere else but I honestly don't own anything like it on my collection! Matte Royal is a new addition to my collection of blue lipsticks. I love blue lipsticks and this matte formula is on point for me, I was very surprised as I read some bad reviews on it before but to my luck I find it quite comfortable on the lips. Overall I'm happy with the lipsticks I own by the brand and intend on getting more, if I see any appealing shade!

Onto the base, I honestly want to try a foundation but I can't seem to find the courage as usually I get wrongly matched in stores, I don't want to waste money on a shade that is not flattering. With this I'm trying other face products such as the Mineralize Skin Finishes - my first pick was Lightscapade, a bit of a disappointment at first for how subtle it is but a favourite now for a softer look - my second and last addition was the Medium shade of the natural range, that I was not too confident about but comes up to be a good match!  
My first and only blush by the brand happens to be Desert Rose, being it the only to catch my attention and happens to have a very nice pay off and longevity on the skin, I'm quite impressed as I was expecting it to be like any other blush! Who knows I find some more interesting shades on my next trip to Portugal! 

I hope you enjoyed having a look through my MAC collection and don't hesitate to give me some recommendations for next time!

Thanks for reading,

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