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Let's share a bit of love around here! I'm an avid believer that blogs are made out of people who write them but also the people who take time to appreciate them! Like a piece of art, it's important on it's own for the creator but it only shines to the world when somebody else sees the beauty in it!

Today I'm here to share blog posts that I've been enjoying the content and overall personality involved in them so hopefully you'll find a new place to travel or discover a new holy grail product! Who knows?!

On the lifestyle bit I saved quite a few posts from A Bitter Sweet Diary - 6 Things To Do When You're Emotionally Exhausted - is one of my favourites so far, it might help you at some point in your life, with great tips to overcome a bad day!
I also really enjoyed a read over LipsSoFacto post about Japan! I'm in love and definitely will follow her tips once I go there!  

Beauty wise is where I get lost! I save so many things in this category because it really is my favourite thing to read about! 
On the Makeup theme I've been reading a lot of Laurzrah of course! One of my favourite posts was the new MAC Viva Glam x Ariana Grande Lipstick - it sure influenced my decision whether buying it or not! I've also been loving to get to know the Foundation Stash of Allison Andersen, they all sound amazing at their own things and it helps when making the big decision - which one to get?!
Lastly I want to mention the Mac Lipstick Collection of Lisa's World! Fantastic lip swatches I may say! It got me thinking of getting a new shade for my collection!
Skincare wise I came across the Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil that was shared by the British Beauty Addict and I can tell is now on the list to take home (once the spending ban is over of course)! I've also saved a post that might come very useful for the oily gals out there! Here you have 6 Beauty Tips For Oily Skin by Katie's World Of Beauty, it sure is informative and helpful! 

On the Tips collection I've saved a few amazing posts! Must start with the 101 Resources For Bloggers That You're Going To Love written by Through The Mirror, a post that gave me so much information and new posts to read plus new people to follow! Also very handy PinkPot came out with 8 Free or Cheap Alternatives To Photoshop! Lastly I enjoyed to know new 7 Ways to Grow Your Bloglovin' Following also by Through The Mirror! 

What have you been reading lately?

Thanks for reading,

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