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There's times I actually have fun reading about people's routines, what their day is like on a normal basis, what they enjoy doing when they're out of work/school, so I thought it would do a great out of beauty theme to talk about.

In schedule times I would say 5am I wake up and get ready for work, if in week days, on weekends it has to happen earlier, and at around 6:30am I start doing whatever my mission is on that day... it can be decorate cupcakes, cakes, bake, scoop, setup the shop and all the things a bakery involves.
Around 4pm I get out and usually do 2 different things, I either go to the centre of my town for some shopping, tea at Starbucks, a walk in the park or just pick up the boy from work... or go straight home and have some rest.
I tend to do the house cleaning on the day before my day off which means I have my days off just for myself, to relax, do some blogging, walk around, watch some movies, visit some places... but as a big sloth I mostly stay home doing nothing!

Most of the time I just eat sandwiches, loads of chocolate with tea while taking blog photos, watching some youtube and reading some blogposts on the days I'm free. It happens that at some points I actually feel creative and motivated to paint, read a book and create weird makeup looks... and that is what matters the most to me. If I fancy much I also play on PS4, but I suck at it!

I often think I could do better things with my time but overall if I'm happy with what I have right now why change it for some other reason? 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better, and do not feel disappointed at my lack of interest in overall fun, as I honestly feel like my safety place is home! 
Share with me some of the things you do on a daily basis and if you own a blog grab the post and write about your day! 

Thanks for reading, supporting and staying!

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