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I've mentioned it before that I'm not too good when it takes to share bits of my life, writing update posts and stuff even thou I quite like reading personal achievement posts and all that jazz! 
Well, I guess today is the king's anniversary, as we say in Portugal, and I'm here to share some bits of the lately happenings! Can I just mention for a bit how delicious my cheese toast looks? No one beats this on instagram ;)  

So, Portugal... it was great the 5 days I spent there! Ate loads of nice food, met some friends, my grandma made the best desert ever, she knows it's my favourite, and I was quite happy to see my parents again! It was just a month ago we were together anyway not too many news to share at the time, but still, missed home already!
The worst bit was dentist, oh dear dentist! Had my braces adjusted and a gum surgery that sounds horrendous and I can tell it was the worst hour of my life. I had the no pain injections but still it hurts bad once that's gone! Treatment wise, washing my mouth 4 times a day with a blue and a red liquid, and eat ice cream all day long! In the winter, is quite not what I want to have. Oh and stay away from hot food... I was sad for that bit! 

Back to England now and with some days to enjoy still before going back to work I found myself blogging a lot meaning I'm almost done for the month of March which is a rarity considering by the beginning of the year I was announcing I wouldn't post as much! Oh well, it changed for a bit.

With blogging comes the shopping not to mention duty free and sephora while in Portugal... needless to say I've been buying way too much new makeup which brought me to the point of starting a spending ban! I made an entire post dedicated to it where I share my goals and the methods I'm using to survive the 3 month makeup diet! (Spending Ban)

Speaking of diet, I've been more and more conscious of my food habits, you can see by the cheesy toast above! I actually suck at eating well! I don't like anything healthy to start with, mainly soup that is totally smooth like a baby's meal! Salads, I've always said I'm no rabbit! All McDonalds and sh*t I'm trying hard not to go in, and homemade food comes in everyday reducing, of course, the oils and fats!
Breakfast thou, I'm trying hard to skip the Nutella toast but I've been diving into the chocolate cereals mixed with yogurt! I'll get there.... I'm confident!

Since we're talking confidence, I easily associate that to style! Having a job that requires me to get up 5 in the morning is quite not the best friend of a good clothing combo but I'm trying my best not to look like a tramp! Don't get me wrong I have nice and warm clothing I just skip the styling thing when it takes to work days! About to change! I have to put some effort into that and stop wearing the blue jeans with the blue coat together to not be confused with a smurf... oh dear!!! 

It was a tad bit longer than what I expected but there you have some updates and moments to judge of my very not so interesting life! 

Take care and enjoy your time! 

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