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Remember my Spending Ban post a few days ago? I'm still going strong and before it even started I donated a bag (almost) full of products to a friend that also loves makeup!
I'm a strong believer that if it's good it can go to someone else {aka the person who also loves makeup as much as I do} so I decided to pull out a few things I had in my collection and didn't touch for a while, didn't work or where wrong shade for me!

Eyeshadow is actually the hardest for me as they don't expire as easily and I love playing with them, the thing is I own far too many and I've been getting loads of palettes recently which brings me to the point I don't use loads of other things.
Rosy shades are not my favourite but the friend I gifted them to actually owns the Naked 3 and uses it a lot so she will probably love these more than I ever did!
Also loads of singles that I already have in other palettes are going as I don't grab them as much as I'd like to, yes a Colour Tatoo included, I honestly don't like cream shadows that much!

You can see that from here. Most of my stick shadows are going, I'm keeping 5 that I actually use but all of these have no space in my collection and I don't even remember the last time I grabbed them! Eyeliners I have 2 that I used probably twice and they're still good so why keep something I don't use instead of giving it to someone who will?
I don't have a photo of the lipsticks I donated but there were two pinks one bright and one baby pink, both barely touched! I'm not a huge fan of straight on pinks rather use a mauve or a vampy shade!

Last but not least I have some face products. The L'oreal foundation is too dark for me, which is a shame I was so interested in using it! I hope it suits my friend better because it's 99% full! Also my Fit Me Concealer, it oxidizes badly on my skin and even thou it's the 010 it's too dark! I heard the shade 15 is good for fair people when I finish all my concealers I may give that one a try!
Blushes are growing like no other thing in my collection I started with 4 and now I have loads! I decided to pass on the ones I was not using as much, all of them pinky shades! Lastly I have a brow gel that is quite good but doesn't match me too well! 

These were all the things I gave away I also have things that are going to the bin but I'll save them for an empties post later on! I hope this encourages you to take a look around your collection, it is always better to pass on than let it expire!

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