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Brows are known for being the frame of the face, and I couldn't agree more with that! Whenever I don't wear makeup I totally notice a difference and if I just add a bit of brow gel here and there it makes me feel so much more like myself!
I've been trying a few brow products for the past years and I came to conclusion that I found my favourites, all different formulas and brands but I honestly don't want to pick just one between the four!

Let's start with the loyal friend of mine - Inglot Brow Powder (569) (~ 6£) - this has been my brow saviour for at least 2 years, if not more, and I can tell it's not going to be replaced! It is the perfect shade for my dark brown hair, even thou it looks ashy on the pan, it goes so well with every shade of brown I've rocked so far! I've had it warmer toned and it worked amazing and now is between a reddish brown and dark brown shade and it still totally matches. It is one of the easiest products to use, you can build intensity wether you like it more natural or dramatic, and it lasts all day long no budge! 
Also from Inglot and my most recent addition is the AMC Brow Liner Gel (21) (11£) - a creme formula also in a similar tone to the powder, that matches me as good! It is a tad bit stronger in pigmentation where a bit goes a long way, so be extra careful to not overdue! Unless you're looking for that look. Staying power is phenomenal and after a few tries you get used to it, making it easy to use!
Soap&Glory and its Archery Brow Pencil (Hot Chocolate) (8,00£) - I can tell by far this is one of my favourite pencils, it replaced my beloved Catrice one, as it's more precise and doesn't need to be sharpened! The colour is also a very good match for me, a tad bit more warm and dark than the Inglot options I own but still a life saviour on a daily basis! When I'm in a hurry and I don't want a defined or strong brow I go for this, even thou it performs as good to give a defined look! The spoolie at the end is also amazing, it helps comb the hairs and blend the colours perfectly! 
Last but never least, my eyebrow gel of choice! L'oreal Brow Artist Plumper (5,99£) is the one! I've tried a few in the past but it's safe to say this is the one I love! The longevity is good but not as good as my Inglot powder and gel, which is totally fine. It gives a very natural look on it's own, but it can get a bit crumbly if overdone. It keeps the brows in place all day long, just if by itself, the colours starts to fade away. I love to pair it with the S&G Pencil, it is my go to combo and they work perfectly together!

From all the things I've tried so far, these are my favourites and honestly I don't even feel the need to try any Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products, as this ones make it up so well for me!

Tell me all about your favourite brow products!

Thanks for reading,

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