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I love to see home decor posts/videos but mostly I enjoy to look at other girl's vanities and see what they display and how they decorate their spaces!
I'm a very messy person and even thou I quite like being this way I'm trying to get things to look more neat around me, I aim to be a little bit more organized and who knows enter the minimalist world some day! {Not so sure about that!}
Till then I display on my Ikea Malm Chest of 4 Drawers a few essentials and some new things I've  been picking up to try. No, I'm not cheating on my spending ban, this photos were taken a few weeks before and all the new things were bought back then! 
I don't actually own a vanity, my house is too small and my room has literally no space for more furniture so I use the top of the Malm to put my makeup products while I'm getting ready, also the Malm holds all of my beauty products, from makeup to skincare and body care!  

The first thing you see is a bucket that I got from Tiger for around 2£ if that much, and it carries all my current skincare creams and oils! Next to it is another piece from Tiger, that holds most of my eyeliners having another one for lip liners next to the acrylic container (also from Tiger)! This one holds new makeup that I got and want to explore but also some old favourites or things I intend on finishing soon!
In a copper plate I put all my bobby pins and hair ties, that I use almost everyday and standing right at the end I have the beautiful frame and quote that came in My Little Home Box for the month of February! {Quote says: The uncommon beauty of common things}.

Right next to my Malm I have another chest with 2 doors that I think is also from Ikea but a bit on the older side! It was kindly gifted to me by my mother in law and I  love it to pieces! 
On top I have some of my current skincare cleansers such as micellar water, toner, cotton pads, and also my mountain of samples to try out! 
I've got the copper frame from Primark last year and decided to put my Noel Gallagher concert tickets there! Right after I have some boxes and my little set of perfumes! I will do a post on perfume collection soon and talk a little bit more about them!

This particular chest has a space between the top and the doors which is fantastic to put books, I personally love my Makeup and Font boos in there alongside some notebooks and my diary!
I also love to display the My Little Box boxes since they look so cute and have a lot of memories inside!

I hope you enjoyed this little tour around my room, I will soon do a post on my makeup collection and organization! 

Thanks for reading,

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