NYX Haul & First Impressions


Let's keep it up with the hauls and finish the week with one of my favourite brands that finally is available at Boots UK! 
NYX has always been appealing to me as most of the people in the beauty world just raves about their products, since I first saw them online I jumped at the opportunity to get everything Ive wanted to try for ages... this is not the first haul but the last one I did so let's see if it's worth all the attention!

Eyeshadows are my weak point, I can't deal with it, I'm always buying more from different brands or the same old ones and I keep going without regrets... I already have a big drawer just for those... so you imagine how it goes! NYX offers the Hot Singles and the Prismatic Eyes so I decided to go for one of each and see how they compare.. I must say I got identical shades and it was not on purpose! The Hot Single I own is called Sin and the Prismatic Eyes is the so famous Girl Talk! I love both but the last has to be my favourite for that inner corner highlight!

So far in my collection I only owned the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, a staple I must say, but you know my love for Nikkie Tutorials so I really had to get the Cottage Cheese she always raves about, it is without a doubt a light source in a pencil and I loooooove it! No regrets at all! 

As for the eyeliner part I was excited to try their offers and went for the NYX Crystal Liquid Liner in Crystal Gun Metal and the NYX Glam Liner Aqua Luxe Collection in Glam Golden! I must say golden has become one of my go to eyeliners with every warm look I wear, it goes well with a lot of shades and it stays put no matter what! But, the crystal liner is a massive no just because you can't really use it on your eyes... how did I found that? I tried it, it stung so badly that I took it off 3 seconds later and read the info on the lid... don't get caught by the beautiful glitter it might hurt you badly! 

Lastly their most recent lip offers - Liquid Suede Lipsticks - I got mine in the shades Vintage and Soft Spoken, I don't need to add anything else about my lipstick shade selection as it only varies between nudes and vampy shades... Still, the formula of these is pretty comfortable and lasts a good amount of time considering your food and drinking throughout the day, texture is velvety like and as expected they dry to a unique finish that's not completely matte but not shiny either, they're for sure one of my favourites of the moment, just the packaging is a bit too big I would say! 

I'm impressed with NYX products and for sure I'm dying to try their face offers as well as their new spring additions that hopefully will hit UK territory soon! I just hope we can have NYX in stores soon so its easier on colour choice!! 

Tell me your recommendations from NYX!

Thanks for reading,

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