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Last December I decided to give in and try My Little Box for the first time, I haven't looked back. On my 3rd and February edition box I'm excited to report it didn't disappoint and even thou I skipped the review of my January "My Little Wish Box" I plan on doing them from now on no exceptions!

Starting with the obvious, the box itself is always on point! The design and themes exceed anything I see out there and the fact they look cute on the top of my dressing table or wardrobe helps a lot! Not to talk about their purpose of keeping things organised, specially the cards we receive that are too beautiful to trow away! 
But the subscription is not about the box on the outside! With the ever so growing box subscription offer we often pay more attention to the inside to see if it's worth the money we're investing in and how it compares to the others. My Little Box is my favourite so far on the matter, it offers a bit of everything, beauty and lifestyle and in this particular edition home pieces! What else can I ask for?

Inside the My Little Home Box we can find a magazine that gives you ideas for your home decoration including DIY's which I find very interesting and well putted together! It is a great way to read more about the theme of the box and get ideas! All the items come wrapped up in the beautiful white bow that adds to the cuteness of the box! 

Since Home is the theme I got a Blue Frame (6£) that I love which has a draw in one side and a quote in the other, that I personally love and already displayed on top of my vanity for everyday inspiration! 
To add up to the home decoration we also received a Cushion Cover (10£) that I must admit is extremely cute ranging from a creme colour with blue and orange triangles in one side to a blue with white dots on the other side! I already know it will look fabulous on my bed! 

The beauty side of this box comes in handy this winter! The first thing I noticed was the Polaar Genuine Lapland Hand Cream (16,90£ / 75ml) that smells divine and moisturises my hands without leaving a film, not to talk about the huge size that will get you through all winter!  
Next we have the Noxidoxi Mask & Peel Perfection Éclat (24,90€ per 50 ml / size 40ml) that is actually a scrub that promises to tighten your pores and burst your complexion! It sounds divine to me and I can't wait to try it!
Last but not least we received an Easy Morning Skin Perfecting Cream (10£) by My Little Beauty which promises to illuminate and hydrate dull skin, all we ever need in this cold months right?
Have I mentioned I love all the little pouches they send with the beauty products?! Amazing to carry little bits and pieces in my purse!

The total of this box comes up to approximately 88£ when you pay 11£ plus shipping of 3,95£!
It is totally worth it and I will keep my subscription for sure!

Have you tried My Little Box before?

Thanks for reading,

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