Inglot Haul & First Impressions


I must say it's extremely cold outside, I decided to visit Starbucks for a session of blogging as when I stay at home I can't do anything really... With my peppermint tea to warm me up I must start with an adventurous haul at Inglot this week!

I've been obsessed with Inglot for a long time now but I mostly go for their eyeshadows and eyeliners other than anything else, to say they were one of the first companies coming out with the freedom system might be revolutionary but also impressive! I've always loved the freedom of choosing whatever I want for me in a palette so this time I went for things I never tried before from the brand. 
A blush and a contour powder - that gave me already too much head ache in a way - a brow gel in order to know whether I should go fot the Anastasia one or not, and finally a lipstick in pencil form as for the normal bullet ones I didn't seem to get along with any shade! 

So long story short the sculpting powder (510) looked so much lighter in store than it really is, I sent them an email asking whether they changed the numbers of the products but the answer was no, and they were able to exchange it for me... the thing is Inglot is very far and I already swatched the product, the price of the trip would gives for the right shade so I'd rather place an online order! It's not their fault but not mine either as their stores are too brightly lit compared to a normal house! Either way I can make it work for me if I'm light handed and I must say I love the consistency and how easy it blends on my skin! Even this dark shade can't really be noticed as such if I blend rightly - so good costumer service and good quality products - win/win! 

The blush (124) is to die for... if you own Pomegranate by Sleek is a tad bit darker and completely matte, a totally cheeks on cold winter shade and I'm so in love I want to rub it all over my face... It looks a bit scary and it sure is pigmented, be light handed with it if you don't aim the clown face but still is an amazing size for the 7£ you spend and for the quality you really get!

As for the brow gel it is a tiny pot, tinnier than their gel liners but a little bit, and I must emphasise little bit goes a long way! Its pigmentation is outstanding and creamy formula makes gel brows seem easy! I've never tried a gel in my brows before but I'm not scared anymore as this product is super easy to use and very blend-able! I got mine in the shade 21 a cool taupe shade that is similar to the powder I own also by Inglot and love to death! I'm very impressed and can't wait to use it more often!

Lipstick is the last but never the least, I'm obsessed I recognise it! It's called Lip Pencil but in fact is more of a lipstick in crayon form! I got mine in the shade 17 that's a brownish nude and if you compare it side by side to the shade 16 of the same range they will look very identical! The pencil comes with a sharpener at the end which is a good point and is a decent size! Formula wise is one of those dry matte formulas but it's at the same time easy to apply, I find! I'm yet to try it on a full day of wear but so far so good! I have to find a shade on their regular lipsticks that suits my interests but with such big collection like mine it's hard to find something unique.

Is there anything you would like to try from Inglot? 

Thanks for reading,

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