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So, this happened, quite long ago to be fair! I decided to give MAC lipsticks another chance... why would I? Laura thought it was a good idea to recommend it to me! 
As if packaging was not enough to make me want this particular lipstick in my collection what really sold me was the shade, the formula (that I was so impressed with) and mostly the fact I didn't own anything like it in all aspects of it's uniqueness! 

This purple mauve pink, all kind of what I want in a lipstick shade, made its way home and since that day I've been struggling not to use it! It is that good... as I said a few times in the past I struggled with a Mac lipstick I bought and ever since didn't look forward to get any other as they're not cheap!
This 17£ gem was a treat, in a way, I was not sure if I would like it on myself but girl I did and the consistency is on point, the longevity is amazing and I personally think it brings life to my face! 
I'm in love with it and I sure think it's worth a try if you're a fan of these kind of shades! I find it goes well with almost everything which makes me use it even more! 
The packaging was great influence at once but it was limited edition for the holidays, if you're lucky you can get it online! 
Overall this post came in a way to share how my opinion changed on MAC lipsticks, hopefully it inspires you to try something you didn't like at first sometime soon, maybe you'll enjoy it more than you think! 

Tell me all about your favourite MAC lipstick!

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