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In a way I want to start by mentioning nothing will ever beat the original Tartelette palette that I love more than any other eyeshadow group I own, but... something comes up close to it!
It had to obviously be its new version, the Bloom, the one for what I spent days and days looking through QVC UK till the day it came up live... I even considered ordering it from the states but my patience allowed me better deal!
Without further ado let's start by looking inside this superb combination of shades.

To start with the most significant difference between the original Tartelette and this one is obviously the 3 shimmery shades that turned a complete matte palette into something else! I particularly love the last entire row but in a fair overall review all of the shades are my cup of tea at some stage! 
Quality wise is equally as good as the first one, pigmented, still a bit powdery matte shadows but creamy shimmery ones. Fantastic lasting power and pay-off on the skin, the combinations are endless and you can really go with just this to a desert island and you'll be as glamorous as you can be! 
The second most notorious difference between Bloom and the original is of course the shade selection, whereas this one is based in browns and earth shades the original was obviously the purple tones Tarte is recognised for!
I'm impressed with this palette and it's been one of my most used since I got it, I find the addition of shimmery shades an amazing improvement and a difference that will probably get more people into it! 
I bought mine from QVC UK and it came with an amazing brush retailing for 31.68£ at discount price coming to the original of 35£ anytime soon, so if you fancy it go and grab it now! 

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