The Brush Cleaning Routine


Yes, we are talking about cleaning brushes here... hard chore right?! Many people delay it (looking at my own belly here) so they don't need to put their hands to water for hours every week... other's are just too clean for even going a day without washing their brushes after use! 
I, as you can see, have to find good reasons to put me to work on this department so here's the tools I go for to keep my brushes free of germs! 

My little helpers go from the Beauty Blender soap to the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette and I assure you they make all the difference.
On a daily basis I don't really wear makeup unless I come home after work and have to go somewhere, or on days off! So for that I don't really need to wash my brushes every week!
I tend to wash them when I run out of clean eye brushes, or when I feel like the blush is so packed I can't really get another shade on top of it! For the sponges I wash them after every use, which means it's not that bad the accumulation of bacteria!!
As sponges are very sensitive and foundation is hard to remove I find my best tool is the Beauty Blender Solid (14£), it cleans totally without damage and lasts for a long time! The price is not the best but I'd rather spend a bit more on a decent sponge cleaner than have to buy new sponges every month!
To prevent my brushes from getting dirty in 2 uses I spray the Kiko Brush Cleanser (5,90£) in between uses which takes most of the crap out of it and disinfects nicely! So the wash is basically an extra step I like to make every now and then to be sure they're totally free of germs! 
To help me with the wash I tend to use either normal or baby shampoo and recently got hold of the new Real Techniques Cleansing Palette (12£) which comes in hand with certain brushes!
In a small review I must say you can't use it with sponges, as it ruins them, you also have to be very careful with what side of the palette you use as I got shedding brushes after using the smaller ones and it altered the RT Blush Brush shape, which means you also have to pay attention to that. It's not the best thing to be honest, it still leaves my hands wet and sore as it doesn't cover it totally, like a glove would do! But I find it gives better results than my hands when cleaning my foundation  and eyeliner brushes as they tend to build up product more than any other brush!
I'm not blown away by it in general which leads me to think I could totally live without it, but since I have it and it does good to some of my brushes it's not a complete miss, right?!

Which tools do you use to help you clean you brushes?

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