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This may not look promising but something may tell you it's worth a read. 
Somehow the other day I found myself debating whether use my Catrice Prime & Fine Eyeshadow Base or my MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ocre, this to say I gave up all the other bases by the time I picked the MAC one, for no reason!
In a way of testing both and see how they look against each other I did my makeup for the day but on one eye I applied Soft Ocre and on the other I used the Prime & Fine.
To my surprise the results were not the expected.

Soft Ocre has a yellow tone to it and covers better my veins and evens out with foundation which is one of the reasons why I love it so much, as for the Prime & Fine is a pearly pinkish shade that goes on translucent, with light coverage.
Mac's option comes in a pot, which is not very hygienic and has a creamy texture, whereas the Catrice one is a liquid almost lipgloss consistency and comes in a tube with a wand, very handy and clean.
Soft Ocre feels a bit dry when applied but blends very nicely before it sets. Prime & Fine feels more moisturizing, very smooth and blends quickly. 

The first thing I notice was on colour pay off, the Catrice one builds eyeshadow quicker than Mac's one which is a surprise to me, it also doesn't crease throughout the day! I used them with foiled eyeshadows that are known for creasing easier than any other type, but P&F kept the game strong till the end! 
I noticed that Mac Paint Pot struggled to get me crease free with a minimum but still noticeable amount of creasing on the lid, but at the end it kept the intensity of the eyeshadows better than Catrice one, that initially gave me more colour!

To my conclusion, both are good at some points but for me Catrice is the winner! Soft Ocre costs around 15£ for 5g whereas Prime & Fine will come up to 5€ for 5ml! The only downer is that Catrice is not sold in the UK but you can find it online over at Maquillalia or any German beauty supplier! 

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