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Catrice Rose Eyeshadow Palette Review 010
010 Frankie Rose To Hollywood
Before I even came to England I for sure had to bring some new bits from Catrice with me, as we are unlucky to have the brand around and don't see a date for it coming near. As per usual I'm always on the top when there are new launches from my favourite brands and the second I spotted this I just knew it had to be mine.
After what seemed like a long time waiting it finally came into my local shop and then home but I couldn't be more disappointed. Yes that's right. Catrice released a product that didn't live to my expectations.
Sad but true here's how it goes. I have loads of single Catrice eyeshadows, more than I care to count and for sure they are all amazing quality, some a bit chalky than the others but other than that they all perform well. But for this palette I find 5 of them are extremely chalky apart from the 4th shade that is overly buttery in a way it falls out like crazy and moves on the pan when I touch it.
With 2 shades of matte, 2 satin and 2 shimmery finish it sounds to be everything we need on the rose department sadly with poor performance. 
Frankie Rose To Hollywood comes in a 6 pan sturdy plastic palette with clear lid, the usual Catrice packaging. It has rose gold letters to the front and a guide to the get a look on the back alongside the ingredients and usual information. 

You're looking at the swatches and asking why I'm so disappointed as they all seem to perform fairly good, well they don't, in a way. If you're about to use a brush with the paler shades you can forget as you'll see nothing even after 3 minutes of packing colour on the lid! Fingers are the only tool that work for the first 4 shades in the palette, the remain 2 are the best out of them all working great with blending brushes and giving subtle colour to the crease giving a soft smoky look if you will. 
This palette has everything to be amazing it's just the formulas and pigmentation need improvement so we can get the most out of them without having the face full of eyeshadow after endless time of application. 
It's not a complete loss as I love the shades and still can make them work out with a bit more of time and patience. The price was merely 5€ or so but still I'm sad that it doesn't live up to what I was expecting from one of my favourite brands.

Which product disappointed you the most?
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