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FIESA 12th edition 2013 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

FIESA 12th edition 2013 - Alice in Wonderland

FIESA 12th edition 2013 - Broadway
Not long ago I've started reading a lot more posts about places people visited and somehow found my attention being pulled to certain cities that were not in my 'To Visit' list!
As you may all know I'm Portuguese, I was born and grew up in Porto, north of Portugal, but when I was 10 I moved to the south, a place many of you may know - Algarve! I lived there for 2 years and went in holidays many more after, that to be honest, I'm a bit tired of! Nonetheless Algarve has many amazing places to visit besides the famous beaches! On a day you're not in the mood for a swim in the ocean I highly suggest visiting FIESA!

FIESA is an international festival of sand sculpture that takes place in Armação de Pêra and you can visit everyday between March and October! It's the largest sand sculpture exhibition ever built and this year's theme is Music! You can head over to their website and search their gallery to see past exhibitions as well!
The last time I've been there was 2 years ago where the theme was music styles of different countries allied with opera, cinema, theatre and circus! I can say it was phenomenal but you can see it for yourself! 
FIESA 12th edition 2013 - Music
FIESA 12th edition 2013 - Elvis Presley
FIESA 12th edition 2013 - Punk Music
FIESA 12th edition 2013 - Michael Jackson
Tickets are 9€ per adult which is not that bad if you think about the amount of hours they spend creating those amazing masterpieces! In this year's exhibition they also play music in some days which is very neat considering the whole theme! 
If you ever go to Algarve stop by this place, you're going to be amazed!

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