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Mary Bloomy has a strong Art influence as I, Sara, have been passionate about art since I can remember. Every and any kind of art calls for me from sculpture, architecture, painting, drawing, digital, design, special effects and all things surrounding leaving me with great love for amazing artists out there. 

Sharing art is sharing life so here is some of my favourite artists and their works. Enjoy!

The best platform to look for art inspiration is deviantArt - find me here - where you can find amateur and professional artists covering every kind of subject you can imagine! You can share your own art for free and comment on other's people work while saving your favourites to inspire you later. It was my main source when lacking inspiration on my art school days! Tumblr is also a great place to seek inspiration - find me here.

Digital art is something else for me, I would love to make it but I just can't spare the time and patience to learn it at this moment so I end up just looking at it!
One of my favorite digital artists is Aunia Kahn! I LOVE her work, I mean true love!
Art can't be described as it gives a different feeling to each and every person so watch for yourself and feel it.

The poor quality comes from the gif maker not from the image itself
All the images were taken from Aunia's official facebook page & tumblr

Natalie Shau is on the same level as Aunia! She's an amazing digital artist that makes the most beautiful images you can imagine. See it for yourself!
All images were taken from Natalie's official facebook page
Ana Cruz is also a digital artist that I've been following for years now and love each and every work of hers. You can find her work on her website and for sure you'll notice some things macabre in there! Enjoy!

All images were taken from Ana Cruz's official facebook page
Sphynx Collective is special to me, I've seen these artists do their work, in fact, I worked with them. Two of the members I had pleasure to work with and spend long time inspiring me for my school work. They're my friends and I'm so proud of their talent and achievements! They truly are some of my favourite artists on Earth!

All images were taken from Sphynx Collective Facebook Page
Peter Callesen is a paper cut artist that I admire a lot! I wish I had the ability and patience to make such things in paper. I'm quite sure you've seen his art somewhere floating the internet as it is quite popular!
All images were taken from Peter's official facebook page
Alongside Peter I also really love Sher Christopher's Art so here's a few works he made!
All images were taken from Sher's official facebook page
Last but never least comes one of my all time favourite illustrators! Joseph Vargo! Nox Arcana has always been one of my favourite 'bands' if you can even call that and Joseph designs all their albums and takes part on every aspect, in fact he's a member of NA. Here's some of his art!

All images were taken from google
Some other mentions I want to make go to Alexandra V Bach for her extraordinary work and Victoria Frances that I also love! There are plenty of artists that I love out there that I'm probably failing to mention due to my short memory! Who knows in the future I'll come up with another post to give you some more artists to inspire you!

Tell me all about your favourite names in art! 
Thanks for reading,

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