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Since I moved my makeup collection has grown quite a bit and I blame Boots and Superdrug deals! I can't help but everytime buy something new to try and always find great things! On the last few weeks I've been organising my makeup collection as I bought a new drawer set from Ikea and found amazing products I haven't given so much love on the few months! 
On an attempt to change that I decided to give these products a spotlight and show myself I'm missing out on leaving them behind! And sure tell you all why they're good buys!

Eyeshadow - Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette
I don't own any Naked, why? No need to as there are so many good similar ones that do the job. My one and only MR eyeshadow palette with this beautiful rose shades has not been very used on the past months but it sure have amazing quality for the price! This Summer I'll be pulling out more pink looks on the eyes and lips to celebrate the sunny and hot days and get out of my comfort zone!

Bronzer - Sephora Bronze Powder in 01 Light
I have this bronzer for a good time now and never find myself to use it as much as my beloved Soap&Glory Solar Powder but as it gets so much love I tried to put it aside for some weeks and try something else I have. This Sephora bronzer is amazing, it has no shimmer and gives the perfect sun kiss effect to my light skin tone. It lasts pretty damn good throughout the day and by any means changes colour like some I've experienced in the past.

Blush - Catrice Defining Duo Blush - 050 Apricot Smoothie
This was my very first blush and sure has a special place in my collection, not being the most natural shade for a daily basis I neglected this beautiful coral-y peach blush for the past months. Now the Summer is here and we can rock all different brights with no odd looks hopefully I'll be pulling out more this beauty! It has great pigmentation and quality for the price, as every product I own by Catrice. Never fails me!

Lips- Collistar TopGloss Stick-13 Dalia / Catrice Ultimate Colour-130 Frozen Rose / NYX-640
Pink lipstick is not my thing, at least the most bright of the pinks. My mom gave me this super gorgeous hot pink lipstick a few months ago and I never found myself to wear it as its super glossy, as a matte lover it's just not my thing. But!!! Summer is summer and I definitely will pull out this more often as the shade is gorgeous! Who knows I end up loving the effect! As for Catrice, the baby pink doesn't suit me very much, or do I think so, but paired up with a darker lip liner can look amazing! This NYX lipstick has been with me for years and I probably used it once or twice, not that the product is bad it's just once again the super bright shade of pink! My BF loves this kind of lipsticks so why not wear them more often? ;)

At the end of the day all this products are great quality and have been putted aside for no reason other than me having new things to try. Let's see how I can do without shopping for a few weeks and try to use more of what I have combining products and colours for the summer looks!

How often do you shop your stash?

Thanks for reading,

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