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On a trip to Westfield I discovered this place called Beauty Base that sells a few brands I can't find anywhere else! The smelling of this shop is quite an annoying mix of fragrances and I can't be there for more than 20 minutes. With that being said I got me a few bits of L.A. Colors as I never tried the brand before.
The Jumbo Eye Pencils come in 24 different colours that I'm not so sure about them selling all in this place so in a quick shopping trip I grab 3 different shades that I knew would make great additions to my makeup collection, or I thought so!

Relaxation is the bronze we all love, has a very warm tone shade with gold sparkles and is a metallic finish. Waves is a royal blue with a shine to it complimenting any blue eye look you can imagine. Last but not least we have Desert Sun an old gold kinda shade with the strongest metallic effect of the three.
All of the three have the same consistency being it buttery and easy to apply on! You can built the colour in layers to be stronger or use the pencil in a swipe to give just a wash of pigment. It smudges a lot not being ideal for the oily lids out there. I have slightly oily lids and to use this I sure need a primer underneath and it still creases a bit. For the price of merely 2£ each or so it's not a bad product but if you can't bother to use a primer stay away from this. It also doesn't set on its own which is good in the way it creates that always 'just freshly applied' wet look but in the other hand it can be a pain to keep in place during the day. With the same purpose of a NYX Jumbo pencil it can't be compared as the NYX ones are much creamier and set for themselves, I mean they have greater quality, in my opinion.
One thing I can't stand is the strong smell of this, which is weird for an eye product to have. Anyway, it's not a bad product not being the most amazing out there. It works but I won't repurchase. 

Tell me your thoughts on LA Colors if you've tried the brand! 

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