20 Year Old Knows Nothing About Life


Extra post today as I am feeling like saying a lot of things about a certain subject. Hopefully you will have some good words for me!

I recently turned 20 and as you may or may not know I live in England since February this year. I am a strong believer that people shall fight for their dreams and I am currently trying to do it myself, but...
I am 20. I have poor work experience as you can expect and believe me or not I have applied for quite a few jobs now. The stigma of 20year old people knowing nothing about life starts irritating me. I for sure know a lot less than my father or my mother, a lot less than my 30 year old friend or a 65year old lady but when those were my age what did they know? More than I do now? It is quite hard to believe as the world is getting easier to know for the past years. I have no experience working in beauty besides on myself and couple of friends so I need and very politely ask for people a chance to prove I can give them a bunch of good things. But they often refuse giving me that opportunity of getting experience, which if happens all the time I am going nowhere in life.
Well, in a world ever so growing of university graduated people I, with a level I can't even classify in England for sure am going to the back of the list. It is good to know people studied but school has never given me experience to go outside and make it work at first attempt, I need the kindness of the people and my ridiculous effort to get a job that may not even be up to my professional expectations, I am talking the minimum here.
Nowadays we learn from home but the thing is the paper still gets the main part in a job, I can be as good as a person who studied but I didn't learn that in school so I have no chances against it in a job appliance, which makes me sad. I don't have the money to go on a makeup course at this moment, I am yes 20 years old but I work to feed myself, pay an absurd amount of money for a house and that's barely it. I don't want to say someone is less or more than me because they have the help of their family to achieve some things in life. I had it myself till now and CHOOSE not to have it from now one. Is a choice that I am proud of and for sure everyone makes their choices based on what they want to achieve for their lives according to their needs and possibilities. I admire people who fight for their dreams no matter what they are! We are talking about life goals. Mine is to work in the makeup world so I am asking for a job that gives me experience where I give them my knowledge back, that for sure is not that little if you think well about it. I learn new things everyday as I am connected to the beauty world more than I even care to admit and didn't need school to make me love it!
20 years of life doesn't mean I know nothing about it, I have studied Arts and Pastry and I've been in the beauty community for 7+ years. I have my own life experience that for sure taught me a whole lot of things that help me on a daily basis as a professional and as a person! Does that make me someone who knows nothing? I am a very interested girl when it takes to things that I like, I spend hours trying to get better at it and find new ways to do it. Does that make me a 20 year old who knows nothing? I don't think so...
But tell me what YOU think.

Disclaimer: this is an opinion post, I am sharing my own vision on the subject here as I've been experiencing it.

Thanks for reading,

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