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While back in the days the nose strips were my favourite thing but I noticed they were damaging my skin more than they should giving me no chance but try something else! As Summer is being generous to us in the UK I sure went for a rather refreshing product so on a trip to Boots I found my attention being pulled towards this particular bottle and for sure it did good things to me! 

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub made its way to my skincare routine and although I don't dare to use it everyday I sure notice a difference! With a rather unique fresh scent the creamy white formula contains orange beads that look like sand but sure aren't harsh on the skin! It helps unclog pores and eliminate black heads while cleaning the skin, with salicylic acid in the formula it sure helps on the blemishes department! 
It's not a day to night result but I don't think any product is so for ~4£ this scrub is amazing! I've been using it for the past months and noticed results mostly on my nose, the most problematic area in my face. It's visibly with less blackheads and feels softer everytime I use this giving me more confidence to pull out that highlighter! With 150ml of product it sure lasts for a very long time since you only need a tiny bit to scrub the most problematic areas. My skin is for sure not one of the most sensitive so I can't assure it will be gentle on everyone else but for me, I find it does quite a good job not being too harsh. My skin doesn't feel dry nor irritated after using as you can expect from a cheap scrub.
It's not a life changing product so I don't think I will repurchase right after using this up as I like to try different things but if you're looking for a new scrub at a good price and don't know what to pick up this is a good one to try!   

What is your favourite face scrub?
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