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Here it is, finally I shall say. On a long path lusting after this gem I finally managed to put pride aside and splurge a few extra £ on this beautiful glow.
The Balm is a well known brand mostly for this highlighting powder I'm sure you've all heard of before. Aside all those hypes in my head that made me buy it I sure have some heart opinion to share with you!
First things first, the product is beautiful no matter what we say it is what it is. Packaging not so great as I expected for the price honestly, as the pan was almost falling off for the poor quality glue it came in. The not so great things aside I sure need to point out how this changed my life and how I see highlighters. 
With a goldish/champagne colour this glow lifts my face, heart and soul up every time I swipe it on. It gives the perfect amount of healthiness I sure lack on those not so good days lasting the most amazing time on my skin. Now, I only have a few highlighters, not 10 for sure, 5 if that much making me no expert at all on the matter but with what I've managed to get on the past years I can say Mary-Lou has the most amazing silky consistency, glow and lasting power to it. 

This is quite a strong swatch so be light hand when applying this otherwise you'll be shining like a disco ball, which is not very flattering on a daily makeup look! At the price of 18£ it sure isn't cheap but worth every penny you can spend on! As for a cheap alternative I find my Sleek Face Contour Kit Highlighter very similar in texture being a great option for those without the money at this moment. The colour on the pan is not straight up the same but on my skin I don't notice much difference between the two! I kept myself far from this product for too long but don't regret any bit of buying it! It is hands down my favourite highlighter and comes across my mind at that stage pos contour pre blush every and any other day. It's a product for all year, no matter the weather nor season so if you're on a hunt for a good lift up this is your chance!

Worths the hype? For sure it does! 

Have you tried Mary-Lou Manizer? Share your favourite highlighter with me!

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