Happy Mary Bloomy Day!


yes, I did this cake myself!

So here I am, blogging about this day. When back in 2013 I decided to finally give in and try to blog myself. Since then I never stopped... loving what I do! 
I went to a different town, different school, finished a pastry course and am now in London living with my boyfriend. Does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changes? (I had to do this!)
I can finally say I'm proud of something I've accomplished, I'm known for never finishing my paints, for messing every place I work in and for being a dreamer. I still have lots of dreams but I found a different meaning to life not long ago. 
Blogging has been an amazing part of this rollercoaster that life is ;) I'm so so so grateful for your support, for your lovely comments, for your time! It means the world to me, it means I do something great not just to me. I blog for myself, is my own therapy. Having your support means this is not only a good thing for myself but for you too! It gives me a reason to wake up and face the not so great things in the world out there. So I'm here to thank you for all your love!  Thank you for giving me a reason to believe that life is not black and white, it has some glitter here and there! Thank you for making me keep doing something and not leave it unfinished as I always do! Thank you for keeping me on track, for giving me opportunities, for being what you are - the most amazing thing about Mary Bloomy! 

It has been a pleasure to write this blog, to grow in many areas, to find new passions and make some friends! 

Once more, thank you for the lovely 24 months you gave me and I hope to see you on the next 24!

Big Love 💙


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