Let's Play A Game - Dumb Ways To Die


Games can be addicting. I usually don't play a lot of games, I used to play Candy Crush, Quizs, Fifa and a few more but recently I found this one..

It is called 'Dumb Ways To Die' and it's inspired by an add that METRO made to keep us warned about safety in train stations. I personally love the add and you can watch it here - original, fun and captivating. I think they did well!
Onto the game!! Spoiler Alert: you have to avoid the incidents so you can survive! The characters are the same as the video and as you go through you collect one character.  The fun is that you have to be faster and faster as long as the game develops and its harder to save them! I really enjoy it and I'm always trying to get more and more points. 

Why don't you give it a go? ;) Hope you like it! By the way, its free on Play Store!!
Which games do you play?

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