Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara - First Impression


Essence is an affordable European brand that is spread all over the world. I really love this brand and I've tried so many products from them that I can't even count!
A few weeks ago I was given this mascara to try before it launches in stores, I participated in a contest and I was one of the 100 lucky girls to win this beauty. I'm doing this review based on my own opinion and nobody asked me to do it. Essence just sent me as a winner of a contest without any other intentions. 

Lash Princess Volume Mascara - Available this Fall/Winter in stores

As you can see the mascara has a pretty packaging and its wand is pretty different from what I'm used to see. It promises 'glamorous volume' and 'perfect separation' describing its wand as 'innovative cobra-head'.

As a first impression I noticed that it doesn't give any length which it doesn't promise at all so it's fine. Yet it gives volume and I noticed a huge difference from one eye with mascara to the other without any.
The formula is a bit wet for my taste and it takes some time to dry which is not convenient if you're in a hurry but once it dries it won't go anywhere.  
It thickens the lashes and gives some separation which makes them appear fuller. So it performs as it promises. When it takes to the fall out I notice some at the end of the day but nothing extreme.

After all it's a really good mascara and I'm so sure it will be affordable as every product by Essence. Give it a try and tell me what you think ;)

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