News To My Bag!


The past week was full, at least of new things on my bag! What else can I say? There's no excuses!
I've been expecting for some of this for a long time! But lets take a look on what's new over here ;) 


(It looks like I'm using one of my last post tips)

To start off I bought the new Cosmopolitan (August 2014 - Portugal), I've been loving this magazine. Found it recently (June) and since then I've bough the new ones that came out. The articles are amazing, it talks a lot about beauty and fashion but it also gives some tips in other lifestyle themes. I recommend it!
I usually buy the pocket version for the simple fact that I travel a lot since I go visit my parents every weekend so its handier to have the little version to carry on my bag, but this time I had to buy the full size one... the freebie... yes... a The Body Shop 50ml scrub in Olive! I've always wanted to try it so what a great time to do it!

My Godmother lives in France and she came to visit me while she's on vacation, she usually brings me a gift and this time she gave me a body wash and scrub from Nocibé, a French brand I suppose. I've already tried it and they're both amazing products, maybe a review will be up anytime soon. She always knows what to get me.. I'm a very thankful goddaughter :)

Last but not least, I went shopping at the Catrice counter to buy the Prime and Fine Waterproof Mattifying Powder that I've been wanting for a long long time since I've heard such amazing things about it, I haven't tried it yet but I'm so sure I'll upload a review on it! I also came up with a new mascara, Ultimate Lash Volumizer  in Ultra Black, since I'm beginning to replace the old ones and as a first impression I'm not happy with it.. I expected much more but we'll see!

Hope you're having a good time! 

Thanks for reading,

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