1 Year Full Of Adventures!



Today is the day where we all can celebrate the creation of this page. 12th August  2013 was the very first time I  wrote a blog post here. It was also the beginning of a new era in my life. 2013 was one of the best years since I was born and I'm very thankful for what I had back then and for what I have now! 

This blog is a huge part of me, it gives me the strength to keep doing makeup because after all it's what I love to do the most. I intend on going to a makeup course but only when I finish the actual Pastry course so it will take some time till then but I won't give up. I enjoy this part of me and I see how I grew up the past year. 

Thank you so much for being here, supporting me and telling me (indirectly) that I have my own place on Internet and even if there's millions of other bloggers out there I am unique and I always can find someone to like my work. I hope you've been enjoying this as much as I am so I can count on you for the next years that will come.

Believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams, today they may seem far but tomorrow they'll be right in front of you! 

Thanks for reading, supporting and caring!

Best regards,


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