Why so series? #2 - The Munsters


When you have so many good series to watch but not enough time makes harder to see a lot at once... so you start by the ones you love the most till you finish them!
The Munsters always caught my eye but I was never in the mood to watch them... but last Easter holidays I decided it was the time, and thanks God I started watching this Masterpiece!    

Fred Gwynne as Herman
Yvonne DeCarlo as Lily Munster
Al Lewis as Grandpa
Butch Patrick as Eddie
Pat Priest as Marilyn

"The Munsters is a 1960s American family television sitcom depicting the home life of a family of monsters. It starred Fred Gwynne as Herman Munster and Yvonne De Carlo as his wife, Lily Munster. The series was a satire of both traditional monster movies and popular family entertainment of the era, such as Leave It to Beaver. It ran concurrently with The Addams Family. Although the Addamses were well-to-do, the Munsters were a more blue-collar family."

This is how the official website describes it and I couldn't agree more! It's a dark humor story with beautiful characters and a really interesting plot!
It has a total of 70 episodes which I haven't seen all yet but I'm so sure I'll love every single one as I do till now. 
My favorite character has to be Lily Munster, the wife, mother and aunt. I really enjoy her sense of humor and how she walks and talks and everything about her fascinates me. But all of the characters are amazing. 
Unfortunately most of them are dead since the series was created back then on the 60's as you may have read, but after all it still is brilliant and well deserved to be shared!  

The Munsters is a masterpiece in my opinion and I'm so glad I started watching it! I'll definitely check other dark humor series after watching this one and look into another works those actors might have done in the past!
Take a look I'm so sure you'll love it ;)

Thanks for reading,

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